Data : 15.09.2014

Variable Message Signs
Novatronic is a company for production, trade and services from Nori Sad, Serbia, regional leader in the displays LED production. The products are used as part of the Passenger Information System, Variable Traffic Signalization, and devices advertising the pharmaceutical industry (Pharmacy Cross).

Passenger Information System is a traveler information system, for all of the public transportation vehicles as well stations, being easy to use,  advanced, reliable and simple, for fast and accuarate information to travelers.
Electronic displays, which are part of the Nova Bus system, are produced in large numbers and of different types, dimensions and resolution which enables them to be used on all types of vehicles.
Production is qualitative and reliable will help not only men but also women- more info
Station LED displays ( Nova Station) are the products based on modern LED and communication technology. It is made in many versions with different numbers of text lines.
Variable Traffic Signalization is a set of products based on LED technology which provides display of changeable information to traffic participants about restrictions they have to follow as well as other service information. As such they are a part of Intelligent Transport System (ITS).

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For more information, please visit www.novatronic.rs.